What makes us different 

By a way of introduction : )

We are a team of local and international artists / art lovers with a global outlook.

Our mission, is to make Dubai the greatest hub of art and design in the world. Connect styles, minds and influence the creation of new popular designs in the future. We follow globally, rank and make available to you the best tattoo artists of our time. The trend setters, the leaders, the Michelangelo's of our era. The award winners and the ones who laid ink on celebrity musicians, athletes or movie stars. All in a clean and luxurious environment tailored to your lifestyle, preferences and budget.

We celebrate art from every corner of the world, in every form and respect its history and tradition. We believe in appreciation of different forms of art and transparent tolerance of all cultural, religious or spiritual beliefs. We welcome everyone and anyone as they are. We follow the phenomenon of tattooing and its huge success globally and we bring you the ones who are impressing the judges the most. From Hollywood to Shanghai and from fine line delicate designs to full body masterpieces, the artists are here waiting for you at the most luxurious tattoo venues ever imagined.


Only in Dubai, UAE.

18+ Only, ID Required




All messages are being responded to within 24hrs on weekdays and 48hrs on weekends.

Thank you for your patience.

Masters of tattoo expo, conventions and festivals. These are the ones you have to line up for. Their presence is as global as their following and their recognition is increasing every day. Do we have a possible candidate for the hall of fame of the greatest artists ever lived? Definitely!


Design changes:  2

Communication:  Frequent

Venue Access:  3 days

Number of + guests:  1 

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Top celebrity artists with global recognition in an opulent and luxurious environment serving to your needs. Indulge in an experience of the best life has to offer, while a masterpiece is created on you. Unlimited house hot/cold beverages for you and your guests.


Valet parking available.

Access to the beach.


Design changes:  Unlimited

Communication:  Priority

Venue Access:  7 days

Number of + guests:  2 




Instagrammable views of the world famous Dubai skyline with Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Fountain; only as a background of the piece of art created on your body. All artists of that studio have multiple years of experience under their needles and their level is regarded as above global standards. Get yourself a bargain on artists who are on their way up.

Design changes:  1

Communication:  Regular

Venue Access:  1 day

Number of + guests:  1