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About us

The tattoo industry has gone through a rapid transformation in the last years. 

On the inside; the lifestyle, faces and background of the artists has gone from the stereotypical big scary non conforming biker, to the ordinary college kid - which happens to also be incredibly talented in drawing on skin. With many of them coming from an engineering background, a new era of completely redesigned tools, capable of highlighting the smallest details started taking shape. We then went from cave scribblings to the Sistine Chapel, all in the span of a few years. New colourful, healthier and longer lasting ranges of sterile tattoo inks, made with vegan friendly, non-toxic, organic ingredients are available in the market. The artists have celebrity status, sponsors and are followed by the millions. And they create on skin.

On the outside; the perception of a tattoo is now very different from what it was only a few years ago. What was once a taboo, is now the second most popular form of expression after make up. A professional with tattoos is now seen as someone who can balance work with life and thrive at both. It tells a story which is far more personal than dressing. A reminder of what’s good in life or a mark of a new beginning.

A piece of art to admire which is truly owned.

Our mission is to celebrate this transformation and give our members access to the worlds greatest artists to create on their skin. Let us inspire the world through you and through free* expression of art. Give life to a piece of art you can call your own. Book your appointment now.

*obscene or offensive designs are turned down

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