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Deposit policy

A deposit is required to secure the date of your session. In case of multiple day sessions, a deposit for each day will be required to secure the booking accordingly. The deposit goes towards the final cost of your tattoo and is non refundable. All sales are final.


After booking a tattoo appointment with Dubai Hills Tattoo, your artist will be reserving a block of their time researching and preparing for your tattoo in advance of the session. 

A missed appointment will negatively impact the artist’s and studio workflow. In some cases, this could leave your artist with no income for the entire workday. Reaching other clients who are willing to fill your canceled or missed appointment is often impossible. 

Deposits are non-refundable and can only be deducted from the cost of tattoo sessions unless the cancellation is done by the artist or the studio. 


Penalties for rescheduling your session will be based on the below:

+7 Days Notice

No penalty. Your session will be rescheduled to the nearest date possible with the same artist (if available) or someone of the same style who is accepting bookings.

4-6 Days

150 AED Penalty. Your session will then be rescheduled to the nearest date possible with the same artist (if available) or someone of the same style who is accepting bookings.

2-3 Days 

300 AED Penalty. Your session will then be rescheduled to the nearest date possible with the same artist (if available) or someone of the same style who is accepting bookings.

1 Day

Full deposit will be forfeited to compensate the artist and the studio. Rescheduling will be done only after repayment of the deposit. 

Touch-up policy

Does your tattoo need to be touched up?  

This is the process when your artist takes a look at your tattoo after it has completely healed and fine tune the line work and shading if necessary. We want your tattoo looking as best as it can, so if your artist has not already advised you of our touch-up policy please do not hesitate to read through it and get in touch with any questions.


How long do I have to wait before doing the touch ups?

Well it all depends on the size of the tattoo, the complexity of the design, and how gently the work has healed.  If you experience long healing times (more than two weeks) or noticeable shinny-ness on the healed tattoo it is very likely that you will need touch ups. Allow time for the skin to settle down to a more normal condition before having your touch ups (1-5 months, but no more than a year). 


What to look before asking the artist for a touch-up?

Sometimes the need for touch ups is obvious, as in the absence of color which was present before the tattoo healed or even missing lines.  Other times the need is less apparent, but your artist will be able to spot areas of the tattoo that need to be touched up. Only your tattoo artist can asses their own work.


How long do touch-ups take?

They can take five minutes, or several hours, depending on the size of the tattoo, and on the way that the tattoo has healed. Communicate and share pictures with your artist a few weeks after the tattoo has finished peeling, to allow them to assess the need, if any, for touch ups.  Together you can make plans on how to schedule time for the work.


It is entirely in the discretion of the artist if the need for a touch up is within expected and normal levels, in which case the touch up if executed by the same artist would be for no additional charge to the client, or by any other artist who accepts to do it at 30% discount of their actual rate. However, if the touch-up is assessed by the artist to be a direct result of the client failing to properly care for the tattoo during the "aftercare" stage, for example, the artist will be able to tell if the customer picked at, scratched, did not moisturize correctly, excessively exposed to sun or otherwise neglected the aftercare instructions, the client will have to pay in full for the touch-up. 


We will not be responsible for doing finger, elbow, inner lip, and/or hand/feet tattoo touch-ups free of charge, due to the fact that the client is told before hand that the tattoo will be on a surface area that fades quickly (due to the oils on the skin). If clients would like those particular tattoos to be touched-up, we will gladly do so, but at the normal rate of the artist. 


In addition, our tattoo policy at Dubai Hills Tattoo only applies to customers that have gotten their tattoos done at our location. If customers are seeking a touch-up for tattoos done by an artist currently working at our location but was executed at another location, our touch-up policy DOES NOT apply. We will gladly assist in doing the touch-up, but the artist will assess the proper rate for which they will charge the customer at that time.



• Touch ups must be within the first year after getting your new tattoo and only at the discretion of the artist.  


• We do not offer free touch-ups on ankles, feet, hands, face, elbows, neck, ears, and/or behind the ears as these tend to fade out and not hold ink.  


• You can message our bookings team on WhatsApp or email to schedule an appointment as normal. 


•  Depending on the care taken to heal the tattoo, a fee may be charged to touch up your tattoo.

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