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Kenlar is 27 years old and he is coming out of Athens, Greece. He started his art journey by doing graffitis and street art all over the country for many years, which as he says has put him in hot waters with the authorities more than once. He has been tattooing professionally for the last 4 years, having done his first steps at Sake Tattoo Crew, the most popular tattoo parlor in Athens. Recently moved to Bern, Switzerland where on top of tattooing at the Old Capital he also works on sculptures, mixed media artworks, designs and directing. His favorite styles are watercolor, graphic, sketchy, realistic tattoos with abstract splashes and patterns. Other than our studios you can find him in most of the large scale tattoo conventions taking place in US and Europe.



Diego Alvarez comes from the scenic town of Luarca at the north coast of Spain, where he runs his studio known as the ‘Kraken Tattoo Studio’. From a very young age Diego has been experimenting with different forms of art, until he discovered tattoo and everything changed. He immediately knew  that this was his calling and he never looked back. His passion for tattooing led him into exploring many different styles effectively diversifying his skills, though to this day his favorite style is realistic pieces in black and grey; sometimes with a touch of color. Wether you like large scale or minimal tats,
you just have to tell him your story and he’ll capture it on your skin.



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